SDHF Newsletter No.109J 大東亜戦争で日本がいかに世界を変えたか 第二章

第二章 仕組まれた対米戦争の罠
 その検証を様々な資料の基づいて行っていますが、その決めてと言える証拠は、ルーズベルトの前任者だった、ハーバード・フーバー大統領が1000ページの及ぶ大著『裏切られた自由』(Freedom Betrayed) (フーバー研究所出版、2011)の833ページで次のように書いていることでしょう。

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平成28年3月11日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

The Greater East Asian War: How Japan Changed The World
By Kase Hideaki
(Published by KK Bestseller in Japanese, 2015)
Chapter 2 – The Trap Laid by the United States

This link is to Chapter 2.
Mr. Kase writes:

Today many Japanese people mistakenly believe that the war with the United States was started by Japan or that it was the fault of Japan’s out-of-control military.
In 1941 neither the Japanese government nor the military had any desire to go to war with the United States. Right up to the final days before the fighting began, they made every effort to try to avoid war.
By contrast, the United States had already decided, well before Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, on a policy of going to war with and neutralizing Japan.

He validates this view from various angles with ample historical source materials in this chapter. Highly convincing material is obtained from Freedom Betrayed (Hoover Institute Press, Stanford, 2011), a colossal testimonial written by Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States.

“I said that the whole Japanese war was madman’s [FDR’s] desire to get into war. He [Douglas MacArthur] agreed and also agreed that the financial sanctions in July 1941 were not only provocative but that Japan was bound to fight even if it were suicide unless they could be removed, as the sanction carried every penalty of war except killing and destruction, and no nation of dignity would take them long.” (p.833-834)

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*For your reference; Chapter 1. Up to the Day Japan Surrendered

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