SDHF Newsletter No.211J 韓国呪術と反日1

但馬 オサム



平成30年6月20日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道

Korean Mysticism and Anti-Japanese Thinking (Seirindo Co. Ltd.)
By Tajima Osamu
Series No.1: Introduction & Table of Content

Korean anti-Japanese thinking is quite abnormal.
Former Korean President Geun-hye Park, in her speech at a March 1st Movement Anniversary in 2015, mentioned that the “historical dynamic of one party being a perpetrator and the other party a victim will remain unchanged even after a thousand years have passed,” implying that Korea will bear a grudge that will last for 1,000 years.
This statement itself is extremely abnormal but there is more. The Japanese annexation of Korea was conducted lawfully based on a mutually agreed upon pact. The reason why America, Great Britain and other European countries approved of the annexation without objection was that the annexation was thought to be reasonable, considering Korea’s situation at the time. Korea was entirely bankrupt. After the annexation, for a few years, taxes from the Korean people financed only one-third of the total budget of Korea. It was the Japanese government that provided the balance of funding. The Japanese government’s supplementation of Korean finances continued to the last year of the annexation. Still, President Park stated that Koreans will continue to hold a grudge against Japan for the next thousand years.
Mr. Tajima, the author of the current book, tries to get to the bottom of this bizarre thinking by reflecting on the psychology of the Korean people, which is a product of Korean history.


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