SDHF Newsletter No.237J 韓国呪術と反日4

但馬 オサム
その4―第3章 愛と呪いの国



平成31年3月21日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道
Korean Mysticism and Anti-Japanese (Seirindo Co. Ltd.)
By Tajima Osamu
Series No. 4: Chapter 3 A Country of Love and Curse

The Korean Peninsula, the author points out, is a treasure-house of shamanism and mysticism
It is said that one-fourth of the entire Korean population are Christians. But, the author mentions, nearly all Korean Christianity originated from newly established sects that emphasized local shamanism. Characteristics of Korean Christianity include, firstly, the total pursuit of material profit. The second characteristic is the practice of calling out souls, as in “exorcisms” and “spiritual therapy,” which are inherited from shamanism.
The third characteristic of Korean Christianity is an “anti-Japanese” ideology. Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Reverend Yonggi Cho proclaimed, “The earthquake that happened this time is Heaven’s punishment against the Japanese people who alienated God and kept worshipping idols.” He is not the only case–Rev. Kim Song-an of the Konan Church said, “The disastrous earthquake occurred because Japanese people worship eight million idols [The Japanese expression, yaoyorozu, meaning ‘many’, is literally interpreted as meaning ‘eight million’ here] and the Emperor.” Reverend Sa Jonjin, who lives in the United States, made a similar assertion: “To save the Japanese people’s soul, we must spread our religion.”
In their mission, they play on the Japanese peoples’ sense of contrition, and claim that “since Japan once committed a sinful deed against Korea, it is time to follow God and ask for forgiveness.” Following their line of logic, Korea is then the country that forgives while Japan is one that seeks forgiveness, which perfectly constitutes a relationship between a master and a slave. This is in complete contrast to the Christian idea of brotherly love. Rather, the relationship is based on blackmail and coercion.
By their shamanistic concept of “han” (hate), the Japanese annexation of Korea was not just a crime but a sin of eternal nature.


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