SDHF Newsletter No.292J 「軍艦島」(全)

松木 國俊


第1章 「軍艦島」の世界文化遺産登録
第2章 映画『軍艦島』の歴史歪曲
第3章 『軍艦島は地獄島』子供向け本
第4章 「軍艦島」で反日を煽る韓国マスコミ
第5章 日本発の「軍艦島は地獄」情報
第6章 朝鮮人虐待行為はなかった
第7章 「軍艦島から脱走」の真実
第8章 朝鮮人への差別はなかった
第9章 戦後歪曲された韓国の歴史
第10章 日本への憎悪を煽る「反日施設」
第11章 慰安婦像と徴用工像
第12章 日本企業に牙をむく韓国の司法
第13章 徴用工は「強制連行」ではない
第14章 ある朝鮮人徴用工の手記
第15章 自ら日本に渡ってきた朝鮮人
第16章 高額を稼いでいた朝鮮人労働者
第17章 「慰安婦強制連行」の虚構
第18章 補償問題は解決済

令和2年10月29日「史実を世界に発信する会」会長代行 茂木弘道拝

Gunkanjima (Battleship Island): A World Heritage Site Soiled by Korea
–Another distortion of history, akin to the “comfort women”
(Complete version)
By Matsuki Kunitoshi

The film Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) was first shown in Korea in August 2017, a work of fiction created to bash Japan and nothing else. Within a couple of weeks, around 6 million Koreans saw the film. The film was advertised in the US, for a week, with the help of the New York City Times Square billboard.
In the beginning of the film, “mobilized workers” and “comfort women” brought over from the Korean Peninsula were packed into windowless freight trains by Japanese soldiers–from the start, the film depicts a Japanese-style “holocaust” against Koreans, akin to the real German Holocaust against the Jews. In fact, there was absolutely nothing that this piece of fiction claims that occurred in Japan at that time—none whatsoever.
Moving to the end of the film, Korean “mobilized workers” and “comfort women” take up arms and overcome Japanese soldiers. The Koreans then escape to freedom from Gunkanjima by boat. This is really laughable, as at the time there were only two police officers in one koban on the entire island—there were no Japanese military. Koreans lies need to be exposed for what they are and Koreans need to be chided for lying.
The current book critically analyzes the film in light of historical facts and exposes the lies and the anti-Japanese propaganda that is a theme in Korean state-sponsored museums and other facilities.
This book will be published in kindle and on-demand-publishing from Amazon soon.

MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact