SDHF Newsletter No.315J 中国ガンとの最終戦争その3 第2章中国癌が生み出した世紀のウィルス


その3—第2章 中国癌が生み出した世紀のウィルス


第1節 ウィルス犯は蝙蝠なのか

第2節 生物兵器の専門家が出動した裏事情

第3節 武漢ウィルス研究所の実態

第4節 ワクチン開発原動力は「貪欲と恐怖と無知」

第5節 習近平の「戦略的機遇」という表現の意味

第2章 英訳文:

令和3年6月21日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道

(Bensei Publishing Inc.)
Lin Kenryo

(English Translation: Society for the Dissemination of Historical Facts)

Series No. 3: Chapter 2: China Cancer Delivers the Virus of the Century

Suppose that physicians who consider themselves China specialists had examined the agglomeration of cancer cells that is China in the past. Nine out of 10 of them would have predicted a rosy outcome for their “patient.” They would have said, “Oh, don’t worry! China is experiencing growing pains now, and there is still an imbalance between the mental and the physical. We just need to provide nutrients (capital and technology). As intellectual growth proceeds, China will become a fine adult. Just wait and see!”
But recently a growing number of physicians have begun to wonder: “This patient’s behavior is abnormal. Could this be cancer?” “After all this time the patient’s condition should have returned to normal.” Even some Japanese physicians are now skeptical. But most of them, when examining the patient, conclude that it is best to adopt a wait-and-see policy. Why? Because even when confronted with Chinese-style tyranny, most Japanese ignore it, confident that it will not affect them directly. Unfortunately, the Wuhan coronavirus burst onto the scene, and spread through the world at lightning speed. It has affected every inhabitant of this planet either directly or indirectly; it is impossible to ignore.
What did the Chinese do in the early days when the discovery was made that a contagious disease had erupted in Wuhan? They did not take immediate steps to control the epidemic, as one might expect. What they did was embark on a cover-up campaign. Officials were fully aware that the disease could be transmitted from person to person, but they sat back and watched it spread. To make matters worse, instead of taking steps to combat the virus, the Chinese began putting pressure on the WHO (World Health Organization). They browbeat the organization’s officials, persuading them to refrain from using language that would reveal the place where the disease originated or its characteristics, like “Wuhan pneumonia” or “Wuhan coronavirus.”
Corona virus has exposed China’s true nature this time!


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact