SDHF Newsletter No.387J 日韓で力を合わせ慰安婦問題の「噓」に終止符を!

日韓で力を合わせ 慰安婦の「ウソ」に終止符を!
国際歴史論戦研究所 所長
山本 優美子

この慰安婦像撤去運動の中心者が、韓国歴史教科書研究所長の金柄憲氏です。「日本軍慰安婦 三大詐欺 強制動員説! 性奴隷説! 戦争犯罪説!」というプラカードを掲げて「世界中にあちこちに慰安婦像を建てて何が偉いんですか!?」と声を挙げています。金氏らの行動は韓国内にとどまらず、ベルリン、名古屋、東京でも展開しています。
その金柄憲氏が2021年に韓国で出版したのが『赤い金曜日 慰安婦運動30年の嘘』です。日本語版は2022年に文芸春秋社出版されました。韓国が信頼される真当な国になるには嘘を止めるべきだと主張しています。
「史実を世界に発信する会」 会長 茂木弘道

Ending the “lies” about the comfort women
with the joint efforts of Japan and Korea
Yamamoto Yumiko
Director, International Research Institute for Controversial Histories
(From International Research Institute for Controversial Histories’ site)

A totally unimaginable and unprecedented movement concerning the comfort women issue, which has been the anti-Japan symbol in Korea, is developing now.
In July 2019, the book Anti-Japan Nationalism became a best seller and in December, a movement started against the demonstration by the Council for Justice that took place every Wednesday in front of the comfort woman statue, asking for removal of the comfort woman statue.
The leader of this movement to eliminate the comfort woman statue is Mr. Kim Byeong Heon, Representative, Korean History Textbook Research Institute. They proclaim, “What’s a great about holding up signs of fraudulent claims of ‘Forced abduction! Sexual Slaves! War Criminals! And building comfort women statues everywhere in the world?” Their activities are not limited in Korea, but they went to Berlin, Nagoya and Tokyo.
Mr. Kim Byeong Heon published a book titled Red Wednesday – Lies of Comfort Women Campaign Alive for 30 years in 2021. The Japanese translation of the book was published in 2022 by Bungei Shunjyusha.
Kim Byeong Heon stated in his speech during the Korean Conservative Great Talk Rally held in Seoul in January 2021:
Hopefully, on the day when the Council for Justice that has been consistently lying for thirty years disappear from here, justice will justly stand here and the Korea-Japan relationship, which is con the verge of bankruptcy, will recover and become as solid as an iron wall. For that bright day to come, let us all unite and make efforts together. The Future of the Republic of Korea is in our hands.
It was Japanese that sets fire to the comfort women issue and spread it to Korea. So, in order to end the “lies” of the comfort women, Japanese and Korean people with conscience should cooperate together. In November 2022, the International Research Institute for Controversial Histories held a Japan-Korea join symposium in Tokyo. This year in the coming September a Korea-Japan joint Symposium is to be held in Korea.


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact