SDHF Newsletter No.393J 慰安婦問題をめぐる韓日合同シンポジウム

慰安婦をめぐる韓日合同シンポジウム ソウルで開催

歓迎の辞  金学成(自由統一のための国家大改造ネットワーク代表)
祝辞 韓国 李栄薫(李承晩学堂校長)
日本 杉原誠四郎(国際歴史論戦研究所長理事長)
米国 J.ラムザイヤー(ハーバード大学ロースクール教授)
経過報告  朱玉順(慰安婦詐欺清算連帯代表)
柳錫春 (元延世大学教授)
山本優美子 (なでしこアクション代表)
「慰安婦=性奴隷に利用される国連、ILO, ユネスコ」
李宇衍 (落星台経済研究所研究委員)
松木國俊 (国際歴史論戦研究所上席研究員)
金柄憲 (国史教科書研究所所長)
令和5年9月15日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道

Korea-Japan joint Symposium against the “lies” about the comfort women
Joint Statement Issued
September 15, 2023
On September 5, 2023, a Korea-Japan Joint Symposium was held in Seoul by the Japan-Korea Alliance for truth, fighting against lies related to the comfort women issue. In the Korea Press Center, Japan’s Rising Sun flag was hoisted and Kimigayo, the national anthem, was sung at the opening ceremony. It is said that such events have not been seen in the Korea Press Center recently.
The program for the symposium was as follows:

*Welcome words; Kim Hak-song (Chairman, Great National Reconstruction Network for Free Unification)
*Congratulations; I-Yonghun (President, I Sungman Institute)
Sugihara Seishiro (Chairman, International Research Institute of Controversial Histories)
M. Ramseyer, Professor at Harvard University Law School
*Proceeding; Chu Okusun (Representative, Alliance for Settlement of the Comfort Women Fraud)
Nishioka Tsutomu, Professor at Reitaku University
“The Comfort Women issue started from Japan”
Ryu Sok-Chun, former Yonse University Professor
“The Comfort Women Issue: from the problem of history controversy to the problem of law”
Yamamoto Yumiko, Representative of Nadeshiko Action
“The Comfort Women Issue; mistreatments by the UN, ILO and UNESCO as “sex Slave””
I Uyong, Research Staff of Rakuseidai Economic Research Institute
“Korean Comfort Women: where did they come from?”
Matsuki Kunitoshi, Senior Researcher of International Research Institute of Controversial Histories
“Truth of the Comfort Women and Japanese School Text Book Illustrations Problems”
Kim Jong-heon, President, Korean History Textbook Research Institute
“Actual illustrations of the Comfort Women in school textbooks of primary, middle, and high schools
and how to cope with this problem”
*Adoption of a Joint Statement against lies related to the Comfort Women Issue
On September 6, the next day, the participants conducted a street rally near the comfort girl statue. They outnumbered the participants in the rally held at the same time by the Council for Justice (former Korean Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery of Japan).

MOTEKI Hiromichi, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact