SDHF Newsletter No.399J 慰安婦問題 全世界を騙した国際詐欺をいかに解決すべきか


韓国国史教科書研究所 所長 金柄憲(キム・ビョンホン)



令和5年9月10日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道

The Issue of the Japanese Military Comfort Women
How to solve the farce of global fraud that deceived the entire world

Kim Byung-heon, President of the Korean History Textbook Research Institute

Dr. Kim Byung-heon, a history researcher, after teaching at Sungkyunkwan University and Central University and working as specialist for the Independence Hall of Korea, is now the President of Korean History Textbook Research Institute and a Representative of the Njational Action to Abolish the Comfort Women Act.
Since 2019 onward, he has been working on the street for removal of comfort woman statues, against Wednesday demonstrations staged by Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance, and for abolition of the Comfort Women Act. He also participated in overseas actions to remove the comfort woman statue in Berlin, Germany, and to protest “The Non-Freedom of Expression Exhibit” in Nagoya, Japan.
After his extensive research on the comfort women issue, he has concluded that this issue in Korea can be called a farce of global fraud staged by the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, putting forth poor, old women and deceiving Korean people and the entire world.
In 1966, the Korean Supreme Court ruled that “comfort women” were professional prostitutes who provided sexual services in exchange for fixed fee defining that “in daily life, comfort women refer to females who act as prostitutes.” There was not only no “Japanese military sexual slavery system,” but also the Japanese military were customers at the station and could not treat the comfort women like slaves.
The gist of his proposal for solving the comfort women problem is the true “investigation of the truth.” The Korean Council for Justice’s articles 2 and 4 of the standing rules clearly require “the investigation of the truth.” President Yoon Suk-yeon stated regarding the comfort women issue, “to correctly remember history, there is an issue of finding the real truth.” If the historical facts about the comfort women should be revealed through the thorough investigations of the both parties, the solution will be naturally discovered.


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact