SDHF Newsletter No.403J 「慰安婦性奴隷説」論破本 日韓米で発刊

「慰安婦性奴隷説」論破本 日韓米で発刊

・ジェイソン・モーガンン准教授 スピーチ

・藤岡信勝教授 スピーチ

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令和6年3月1日 「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道 拝

“Mr. Ramseyer’s vicry” says Mr. Fujiwara Nobukatsu
Books completely refuting the theory of the comfort women being sex slaves published in Japan, South Korea and the United States

Professor Mark Ramseyer of Harvard Law School has completely refuted, academically and empirically, the theory that before the war, the Japanese military forcibly took Korean women as comfort women and made them sex slaves. A press conference to report that Professor Ramseyer’s books were published in Japan, South Korea and the United States was held on February 19 at Nippon Press Center at Uchisaiwai-cho, Tokyo.
The theory that the comfort women were sex slaves was disseminated by The Asahi Newspaper based on Yoshida Seiji’s story. However, Yoshida’s story turned out to be false and The Asahi cancelled all related articles. Although the fault of the sex slave theory is widely recognized in Japan, the fallacy is firmly believed to be true in South Korea and the United States. Due to these circumstances, Mr. Ramseyer’s paper was exposed to harsh criticism.
Mr. Ramseyer joined the press conference online. The fault of the forced abduction came to be widely known in Japan, but in the United States, he said, “Academic freedom and freedom of expression still suffer intolerance and people are highly narrow-minded.” Mr. Jason Morgan, associate professor at Reitaku University and the co-author of the English version book, said, “Alas, until when will the United States keep censoring publications?”
*Mr. Jason Morgan’s speech:
Mr. Fujioka Nobukatsu, former Professor at The University of Tokyo, who compiled and translated Professor Ramseyer’s papers into the Japanese version of the book, “Complete Refutation by Prof. Ramseyer,” said, “Despite a barrage of criticism over the past three years, not a single criticism appeared against the logical foundation of Professor Ramseyer’s papers,” and “We would like to proudly declare Professor Ramseyer’s victory.” On the other hand, he mentioned that the efforts made by the Japanese Foreign Ministry and the Japanese Government were not enough, as symbolically shown by the “Kono statement” (1993) that acknowledged the alleged forced abduction of comfort women .
*Mr. Fujioka Nobukatsu’s speech:
The translator of the Korean version of the book, Mr. Lee Wooyoun of the Naksungdae Institute of Economic Research deplored the present circumstances in South Korea, saying “Korean people are deceived into believing the theory of forced abduction of comfort women and subjected to criminal charges if they should deny the theory.” He said that it would probably take several more decades to have the truth about the comfort women issue established as the national consensus.
*Mr. Lee Wooyoun’s Speech:
The Comfort Women Hoax:
A fake Memoir, North Korean Spies, and Hit Squads in Academic Swamp
By Mark Ramseyer, Jason Morgan
Published by Encounter Books
The Comfort Women Hoax: A Fake Memoir, North Korean Spies, and Hit Squads in the Academic Swamp: Ramseyer, J. Mark, Morgan, Jason M.: 9781641773454: Books

Professor Ramseyer Completely Refutes the Fake Statement that
“The Comfort Women Were Sex Slaves”
― Prostitutes/Comfort Women All Signed Contract of Indenture Agreement ―
By J. Mark Ramseyer
Edited & translated by Fujioka Nobukatu and Yamamoto Yumiko;
Translated by Fujiki Shunichi, Yano Yoshiyuki, and Moteki Hiromichi
Published by Heart Shuppan, Inc.
Prologue: Scholars’ Crazy Attack on Ramseyer and Its Background
The 1st paper: Indentured Prostitution in Imperial Japan: Credible Commitment in the Commercial Sex Industry (1993)
The 2nd Paper: Comfort Women and Professors (2019)
The 3rd Paper: Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War (2021)
The 4th Paper: Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War: A Response to My Critics (2022)

Harvard University Professor Reveals the Truth of the Comfort Women:
By J. Mark Ramseyer and Arima Tetsuo
Translated by Lew Seok-Choon and Lee Woo-yeon
Published by Media Watch Publishers Inc.
Chapter 1: Indentured Prostitution in Imperial Japan: Credible Commitment in the Commercial Sex Industry (1993)
Chapter 2: Comfort Women and Professors (2019)
Chapter 3: Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War
Chapter 4: Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War: A Response to My Critics
Chapter 5: The Comfort Women Issue: Connection with North Korea