SDHF Newsletter No.7: Japan’s territorial dominion over Senkaku Islands

掲載しました。 また、下記の案内状を外国人特派員協会メンバー、海外メディア、アメリカ国務省アジア関係

A new article on Japan’s territorial dominion over Senkaku Islands has been uploaded in our site.
The article, written by Mr. Takahana, president of TEIKEI Inc., explains the gist of this controversial issue,
based on historical facts.

Mr. Lee Teng-hui, former President of Taiwan, in his September 24, 2008 meeting with Okinawa Prefecture
leaders including Governor Nakaima, asserted that, without doubt, the Senkaku Islands belonged to Japan.
It should not be surprising that he dared to express his frank opinion, against the present official view
that the territory belongs to Taiwan, because he was only being faithful to the historical facts mentioned
in this article.

Any questions are welcome.


MOTEKI Hiromichi
Deputy Chairman and Secretary General
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact