SDHF Newsletter No.5: Nanking supplements

Following Newsletter No.4: “Top Secret Documents Reveal the Truth about Nanking Incident”
I would like to inform you that further information on the Nanking Incident is available on our website.

*THE NANKING MASSACRE: Fact Versus Fiction
*Analyzing the “Photographic Evidence” of the Nanking Massacre
*What Really Happened in Nanking
+Open Questions to PRC President Hu Jintao
+Open Questions for Prime Minister Wen Jiabao: Can You Prove There was a Massacre in Nanking?
+There Is Not a Single “Real Photograph” Documenting the Nanking Incident
+After All, the Nanking Incident Was Propaganda Warfare
+American Missionaries Who Played a Significant Role in Anti-Japanese Propaganda Warfare
(Note: *Book; +Article)

Sincerely yours,

MOTEKI Hiromichi
Deputy Chairman and Secretary General
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact