SDHF Newsletter No.4: Top Secret Documents Reveal the Truth about Nanking Incident

In January 2003, official documents that demolish ? once and for all ? the “Nanking Massacre” myth were discovered. Marked “top-secret,” they were compiled in 1941 by the Chinese Nationalist Ministry of Information under the title Outline of International Propaganda Operations. The documents are detailed records describing counterintelligence activities implemented by the Nationalists in 1937, when war with Japan broke out, and thereafter. Nanking was the seat of Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist government in 1937. The documents are preserved in Taiwan, home to the Nationalists since 1949. Prof. Higashinakano discovered them at the Museum of Chinese Nationalist Party History in Taipei.

An examination of those documents reveals that the provenance of accusations that Japan perpetrated a massacre in Nanking is wartime propaganda initiated by the Nationalist intelligence organization. They also expose European and American Nationalist agents who were intimately involved in the concoction of “Nanking Massacre” propaganda.

According to the documents, between December 1937 (the time when the massacre is supposed to have been committed) and October 1938, the Nationalist government, now operating from Hankou, held a total of 300 press conferences to which members of the foreign press were invited. However, there is no evidence showing that mention of a massacre in Nanking was made at any of those conferences.

An exhaustive analysis is made on the Nanking incident based on the newly discovered official documents by Prof. Higashinakano of Asia University in a book;
“Top Secret Nationalist Documents Reveal the Truth about Nanking Incident”
You can read the full text and download it at;

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MOTEKI Hiromichi
Deputy Chairman and Secretary General
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact