SDHF Newsletter #2: Open questions to PRC President Hu Jintao concerning the Nanking Incident

Mr. KASE Hideaki, chairman of the Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanking,
announced that a letter of open questions concerning the Nanking incident had been submitted to PRC President Hu Jintao at a press conference held at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo on May 8, 2008.

He stated the following at the meeting:

Recent research reveals that the so-called Nanking massacre was invented for use as wartime propaganda campaign. The events that actually transpired in that city bore no resemblance whatsoever to a massacre. Accordingly, we submitted a list of open questions to PRC Prime Minister Wen Jiabao on the occasion of his visit to Japan in April 2007. In addition to indicating the utter irrationality of the claim that 300,000 Chinese were victims of a massacre in Nanking, we solicited the PRC government’s opinions on six statements of fact accompanying our questions, which proved decisively that there was no massacre.

To our great regret, Prime Minister Wen did not respond to our questions. Moreover, notwithstanding its statements regarding the importance of friendship between our two nations, the PRC has insulted the Japanese people by expanding the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall to three times its former size, therby reviving the massacre propaganda campaign. In the face of such behavior, we have no choice but to construe Chinese pledges of friendship with Japan as mere lip service at best. Needless to say, our fervent hopes for genuine friendly relations between Japan and the PRC for all generations to come have been shattered.

Since PRC President Hu Jintao is visiting Japan, we have prepared another list, this time of five open questions. Because we wish to convey the substance of the letter to the Japanese people, the Chinese people, as well to all the other peoples of the world, we have presented our questions in three languages: Japanese, Chinese and English.

*The open questions can be seen at our site; version) Version) (Japanese version)

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MOTEKI Hiromichi
Deputy Chairman & Secretary General
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact