SDHF Newsletter No.177J 新しい歴史教科書ーその7(4章1節、2節)

英訳シリーズ その7-第4章「近代の日本と世界(I)―幕末から明治時代」


    47 市民革命と産業革命
    48 欧米列強のアジア進出 
    49 ペリーの来航と開国
    50 尊王攘夷運動の展開
51 薩長同盟と討幕運動
    52 明治新政府
    53 廃藩置県と四民平等
    54 近隣諸国との国境画定
    55 岩倉使節団と征韓論
    56 殖産興業と文明開化

平成29年9月7日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

New History Textbook for Middle School Students
Series No. 7, Chapter 4: Modern Japan and the World (Part 1) – From the Final Years of the Edo Shogunate to the End of the Meiji Period
Sections 1, 2

Series No. 7 contains Chapter 4, Sections 1 & 2.

Chapter 4, Section 1: The encroachment of the Western powers in Asia
Topic 47 – Industrial and people’s revolutions
What events led to the birth of Europe’s modern nations?
Topic 48 – The Western invasion of Asia
How did the Western powers advance into Asia?
Chapter 4, Section 2 – From the end of isolationism to the Meiji Restoration
Topic 49 – Commodore Perry and the opening of Japan to the West
What events forced Japan to open its doors to the outside world?
* What Did Perry Think of the Japanese People?
Topic 50 – The rise of the sonno joi movement
How did the sonno joi movement arise during the waning years of the Edo shogunate?
* Excerpts from the Treaty of Amity and Commerce
* The Tsushima Incident
Topic 51 – The Satcho Alliance and restoration of imperial rule
How did the Edo shogunate come to an end?
Topic 52 – The Meiji Government
What nation-building principles did Japan adopt at the time of the Meiji Restoration?
* The Charter Oath
Topic 53 – The abolition of the domains and equality of all citizens
How did Japan achieve social equality and establish a centralized state under the Meiji government?
* The Key Figures in the Great Council of State (The Meiji Government)
* How Did the Samurai React to the Abolition of the Domains?
Topic 54 – Groundbreaking educational, military, and fiscal reforms
How did the Meiji Government implement its three greatest reforms?
* An Excerpt from the Imperial Proclamation on the Encouragement of Education
*The Meaning of the Meiji Restoration
Topic 55 – Defining Japan’s national boundaries
How did Japan demarcate its national borders with neighboring countries?
* An Excerpt from the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Friendship (1871)
* The Tributary System Versus the Rule of International Law
* The Annexation of Ryukyu
* The Ainu and the Modernization of Japan
Topic 56 – The Iwakura Mission and the “Debate on Punishing Korea”
How did the Iwakura Mission’s observations of the world impact Japan’s subsequent nation-building efforts?
Topic 57 – Industrialization and westernization
How did government policies designed to promote industrialism and Western culture progress?
* An Excerpt from Okubo Toshimichi’s Official Address on the “Increase Production and Promote Industry” Campaign (1874)
* From the Lunar Calendar to the Solar Calendar
* The Lifestyles of the Japanese People in the late-Edo and Meiji Periods


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