SDHF Newsletter No.56 J<慰安婦>情報戦争の真実(西村幸祐)

SDHF Newsletter No.56 J<慰安婦>情報戦争の真実(西村幸祐)



平成25年3月1日    「史実を世界に発信する会」 茂木弘道拝

The Truth of the “Comfort Women” Intelligence Warfare:
Information laundering by anti-Japanese fascists
To fight against distorted history not only must one present the truth but also understand why such distortions are propagated in the first place. Author Nishimura Kohyu suggests that anti-Japanese agitators are not merely trying to bend historical facts, for example, those surrounding the issue of the “comfort women,” to fit their ideological inclination, but ultimately to psychologically “weaken and degrade” the Japanese people and to keep Japan from becoming “truly independent and self-reliant”. At the center of this anti-Japan “psychological warfare” operation are China and Korea and their anti-Japanese fellow travelers, which doggedly repeat the same malicious claims against Japan.
The extent of the intelligence war against Japan is illustrated by Mr. Nishimura with the adoption of the so-called comfort women Resolution in the U.S. Congress, which blamed the Japan government for forcing hundreds of thousands of women into being “sex slaves” for the Japanese military. The Resolution demanded that Japan accept responsibility and apologize to former “comfort women”. Central to the effort’s success is the co-opting of the western media, especially influential newspapers such as The New York Times. Indeed, without them, the “comfort women” issue may have well been isolated to Asia, as Mr. Nishimura points out that Americans had no stake in this issue at the time, except, perhaps as a way to lash out at Japan for its economic dominance in the 80s—and perhaps as a warning shot to Japan against becoming too “uppity” in the conduct of policy with its neighbors.
Here are Mr. Nishimura’s essay’s summary and full text.
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MOTEKI Hiromichi, Secretary General
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Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact