SDHF Newsletter No.59J韓国における「慰安婦」


橋下大坂市長の「慰安婦」をめぐる発言が内外に大きな波紋を投げかけ、Sex Slaveを肯定する発言であるかのような、海外紙の報道がなされている。いうまでもなく、慰安婦は官憲の強制などとは無縁であり、また当時の新聞広告に見るように、兵士の20倍くらいの報酬が約束されていた。実際アメリカの捕虜尋問に基づく公文書には、月平均750円と兵士の70倍、軍曹の30倍近い収入を得ていたことがはっきり書かれている。こんなSex Slave がどこにいるのか、と日本政府は、韓国はもとより、アメリカ、そして世界に大々的に発信しなければならない。
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平成25年6月17日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

Repercussions from remarks made by Osaka City Mayor Hashimoto Toru about the so-called “comfort women” have been felt throughout the world. However, Japanese authorities never abducted women. Nor did they force them to become comfort women against their will.
Every nation has been involved in and in charge of facilities enabling soldiers to satisfy their sexual needs without the risk of contracting venereal disease when those soldiers are engaged in combat on foreign soil. The Japanese military was no exception. During World War II, Japanese military authorities established brothels and contracted with local civilian Japanese and Korean brothel operators to recruit prostitutes.
Then, how about the situation in Korea after the WW II? The results of research on comfort women in South Korea, done by a group of Korean scholars, were published in book form two years ago under the title The Military and Sexual Violence.The book provides verification that United Nations Forces (US troops) and the South Korean government were both involved in and in charge of military prostitutes from the moment the Korean War erupted.
Mr. Kase further explains the situation in his essay based on this book and wonders if we can expect to see demonstrators erect statues of comfort women — this time in front of the Korean Parliament and the US Embassy.

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MOTEKI Hiromichi, Secretary General
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact