SDHF Newsletter No.72 Jヘンリー・ストークス第2章

『英国人記者が見た 連合国戦勝史観の虚妄』(祥伝社)
第2章 日本だけが戦争犯罪国家なのか?
元ニューヨーク・タイムス東京支局長 ヘンリー・ストークス





平成26年8月1日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道

Falsehoods of the Allied Nations’ Victorious Views of History,
as Seen by a British Journalist
Chapter Two: Is Japan the Only Country That Committed War Crimes ?
By Henry S. Stokes, former Tokyo Bureau Chief of the New York Times
Following Chapter one, Chapter Two is presented. He writes how he changed his view on Japanese war in Asia as follows;
In English, invasion means that one country forcefully goes into the territory of another country by the use of force. According to this definition, we can acknowledge that Japan invaded the territory of the colonies of the British Empire. But having heard Hideaki Kase’s explanation, I learned about Japan’s viewpoint and changed my view as well. Japan not only invaded the territory of the British Empire but also played a vital role for Asian people, who suffered from Western colonial rule, for independence. Japan invaded and occupied the territories of western colonies. And then, Japanese officers and soldiers, with a sense of mission like that of missionaries, led their fellow Asians to independence of their countries.
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