SDHF Newsletter No.79J ヘンリー・ストークス第8章

『英国人記者が見た 連合国戦勝史観の虚妄』(祥伝社)
第8章 私が会ったアジアのリーダーたち
元ニューヨーク・タイムス東京支局長 ヘンリー・ストークス

日本語原文は『英国人記者が見た 連合国戦勝史観の虚妄』(祥伝社)をご覧ください。
平成26年9月22日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道

Falsehoods of the Allied Nations’ Victorious Views of History,
as Seen by a British Journalist
Chapter Eight: Asian leaders I have met
By Henry S. Stokes, former Tokyo Bureau Chief of The New York Times

We now present Chapter Eight.
As the Tokyo bureau chief of The Times of London and The New York Times, Mr. Stokes met and interviewed many Asian leaders. In this chapter, he discusses Kim Dae-jung, Kim-Il-sung, Sihanouk and Sukarno.
Mr. Stokes interviewed Kim Dae-jung more than 12 times. But he regrets, as a journalist, not having been aware of his true nature. Kim Dae-jung posed as a champion of democracy when in fact he only pretended to be so, as he actually fooled democracy. He was a fake, not a real person.
In June, 1980 Mr. Stokes entered Pyongyang, accompanying US Congressman Solarz, as a reporter for The New York Times. He had an opportunity to spend 5 days in Kim Il-sung’s Palace in a suburb of Pyongyang. He was with high-ranking North Korean officials. He was deeply impressed and thought they had a noble soul, having deep discussions with them. However, by accident, he came across a convoy of about 15 trucks loaded with a lot of men. He knew from their eyes that they were in a miserable situation. Immediately, he knew that they came from a prison for political prisoners. He was shocked by seeing the reality: the gap between the leaders and political prisoners in North Korea.
In Kim Il-sung’s Palace, Mr. Stokes met Sihanouk. He produced a movie entitled “Rose of Bokor,” which was shot in a film studio in Pyongyang. The story starts with a scene of Bokor, Cambodia. All the villagers come out and stand along the street to welcome the advance of the Imperial Japanese Army. North Korean People’s Army soldiers play the role of Imperial Japanese soldiers. It’s very interesting that both Kim Il-sung and his son, Kim Jong-Il, showed up for the preview of the movie and after the preview, both of them praised the movie by saying, “It was an excellent piece.”
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