SDHF Newsletter No.89J 虚偽情報の分析


 The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus(アジア・パシフィック・ジャーナル)という英文サイトがあるが、そこにアイルランド人ジャーナリスト、デヴィッド・マックニール記者が<「やっぱりね、過去をちゃんと見てないものは、また同じことを始める」慰安所と日本軍の関わりについてある衛生兵が報告>と題した記事を書いている。
平成27年1月28日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

Hisae Kennedy
The Asia Pacific Journal carried an article about testimony given by Matsumoto Masayoshi. The 92-year-old resident of Sagamihara City (Kanagawa Prefecture) is a former Christian minister who served as a medical corpsman in China during World War II. The author of the article is David McNeill, an Irish journalist. McNeill has consistently written articles that are anti-Japanese in nature. This one begins as follows:
“If we don’t face our past, we’re bound to repeat the same mistakes.” Japanese wartime medical orderly reports on the army’s role in maintaining the “comfort women” system.
According to Matsumoto, when Japanese troops raided a village, they would capture any women who were unable to escape, take them back to their barracks, and rape them. He also provided descriptions of his physical examinations of the women.
Ms. Kennedy, together with American journalist Michael Yon and researcher Alfred Johnson, visited Mr. Matsumoto at his residence and interviewed him face-to-face on this issue. The results are really astounding.
Firstly, Mr. Matsumoto denied that he ever met David McNeill. He further felt strongly that Yoshida Seiji was a liar. He stated that “Before they were comfort women, they were prostitutes.” He still held, however, a common misconception about the Women’s Volunteer Corps, which he, perhaps, learned through the leftwing media. Even though he never witnessed an abduction or war crimes against comfort women he thought that comfort women were abducted from their homes and raped. A falsehood unintentionally created through no ill will.
Ms. Kennedy analyses how such a false story developed, adopting Dr. Elizabeth Loftus’ psychological analysis. For more details we recommended reading her essay.


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