SDHF Newsletter No.98-4J 韓国の米軍慰安婦はなぜ生まれたのか-4

崔 吉城(広島大学名誉教授・東亜大学教授)
(4)第三章 売春の広がり


平成27年8月18日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

The Origins of the US Army’s Korean Comfort Women (HEART PRESS) 
By Choi Kilsung,
Professor at University of East-Asia, Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University
(4) Chapter 3 The Spread of Prostitution

Sexual violence by the US Army during the Korean War fostered “prostitution villages,” which rapidly expanded as military brothels supported by the Korean government. But this does not mean that prostitution and brothels are things limited to war time.
 There exists both a society of sexual morality which controls prostitution as antisocial sexual deviancy, and one that seeks to reduce normal physiological tensions through the institutionalization of prostitution in the belief that it is not possible to satisfy the sexual needs of all society within the framework of legal marriage alone.
In this Chapter, the author gives his thoughts on “coffeehouse prostitution,” which became prevalent throughout Korea after the war, giving various perspectives of women’s lifestyles.
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*Chapter 1: The Korean War as I Experienced It
*Chapter 2: From Rape to Prostitution

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