SDHF Newsletter No.98-6J 韓国の米軍慰安婦はなぜ生まれたのか(6)

崔 吉城(広島大学名誉教授・東亜大学教授)
(6)第五章 『日本軍慰安所管理人の日記』


平成27年9月28日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

The Origins of the US Army’s Korean Comfort Women (HEART PRESS) 
By Choi Kilsung,
Professor at University of East-Asia, Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University
(6) Chapter 5 Diary of a Japanese Military Brothel Manager

In August 2013, the publication of the book, Diary of a Japanese Military Brothel Manager, caused a major sensation in South Korea. In South Korea, it was widely regarded as being “definitive evidence” of the forced recruitment of Korean comfort women by the Japanese Army. However, if we read through this diary objectively, we reach an entirely different impression—the army comfort stations were run by private dealers and the comfort women were employed by them, even if orderly running of the brothels was per army regulations because of their location near battle zones.
The brothel manager was not merely a manager but under some conditions he was the proprietor. He sent home ¥500, 600 or even 2,000. This shows that his earnings was quite high, considering that a Japanese private first class soldier’s monthly pay was ¥10.
Prof. Choi included major parts of the Diary in Chapter 5 since he assumed that it would be better to for the reader to judge for themselves concerning the nature of the comfort stations and comfort women, to read the Diary rather than just discussing the matter.
In grasping the real nature of the comfort women, I think that the Diary is valuable as primary source material.

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