SDHF Newsletter No.129J 国連が世界に広めた「慰安婦=性奴隷」の嘘4

第4回:第二章 世界に広がった「慰安婦=性奴隷」の嘘




平成28年7月8日「史実を世界に発信する会」会長代行 茂木弘道拝

“Sex-Slave” Report: The UN’s Global Hoax (Jiyu-sha)
― Report from Japanese Delegations to the UN in Geneva ―
written and edited by Fujioka Nobukatsu,
visiting Professor, Takushoku University
No.4: Chapter 2 The Fiction Equating Comfort Women with Sex Slaves Spreads throughout the World
1. US House Resolution (2007) and its nationwide repercussions
By Hisae Kennedy
The comfort-women controversy did not command the attention of Americans on a widespread level until 2007, when the House of Representatives passed Resolution 121.
The first wave of litigation began in 1999, when California State Senator Tom Hayden and California State Assemblymen Rod Pacheco, and Mike Honda sponsored what became known as the Hayden Bill, which was signed into law. The legislation was entitled “Compensation: World War II slave and forced labor.”
Fifteen women filed a class-action suit against the Japanese government in federal district court in Washington, D.C. on September 18, 2000. All claimed that they had been forced to service Japanese soldiers as comfort women during World War II. But on February 26, 2006 the US Supreme Court dismissed the class-action suit instituted by the former comfort women.
During that era, the US government, judiciary and media demonstrated an understanding of Japan’s position, as well as agreement that Japan had no legal obligation to compensate the plaintiffs.
Once it became clear that the US government and judiciary were not going to change their minds, and that Japan-bashers were not going to win the hearts of media representatives or the American people, the anti-Japanese organizations changed their tactics. They abandoned the former prisoners of wars and laborers, whom they had used to further their twisted mission, and adopted new causes: women’s rights and human rights.
This change in tactics proved very successful, bringing about House Resolution 121 and the spread of “comfort women” accusations, including comfort women statues.

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