SDHF Newsletter No.132J 国連が世界に広めた「慰安婦=性奴隷」の嘘6

第6回:第二章 世界に広がった「慰安婦=性奴隷」の嘘
目良 浩一

 歴史の真実を求める世界連合会GAHT-US (The Global Alliance for Historical Truth) (代表:目良浩一)は、グレンデール市に設置された慰安婦像は撤去されなければならないと、訴訟に踏み切りました。その考え方の根拠は次の通りです。





平成28年7月29日「史実を世界に発信する会」会長代行 茂木弘道拝

“Sex-Slave” Report: The UN’s Global Hoax (Jiyu-sha)
― Report from Japanese Delegations to the UN in Geneva ―
written and edited by Fujioka Nobukatsu,
Visiting Professor, Takushoku University
No.6: Chapter 2 The Fiction Equating Comfort Women with Sex Slaves Spreads throughout the World
C.Perspective on lawsuit for the removal of comfort-woman
statue in Glendale, CA
By Mera Koichi
GAHT-US (The Global Alliance for Historical Truth) (Chairman: Mera Koichi) filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court demanding removal of comfort woman statute installed in Central Park in Glendale City. The reason was as follows.

It is clear that this statue is a product of a fabricated view of history. Once this kind of statue with its attendant false message is installed, similar statues will be installed in other cities across America as well, spreading the false perception that the Japanese people are an extremely savage-natured race. Such a fallacy will quickly spread throughout the world and will remain in the minds of people for centuries to come. Then our future generations will be doomed to bear the shame that they are the offspring of a brutal and savage race. This kind of future should never occur. Our generation will be the one responsible for stopping groundless dishonor from being inflicted on future generations.

Soon after its filing in the District Court, Forbes magazine published a slanderous article concerning the lawsuit. Faced with this criticism, Mayor Brown, a well known law firm entreated GAHT to drop the firm from the case. This was only many obstacles they faced in the course of lawsuits. They are still continuing lawsuits to win with their utmost.


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MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact