SDHF Newsletter No.143J ユネスコ記憶遺産に登録申請した「通州事件」から 6

2)死の通州脱出記―同盟通信社 安藤利男




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“Tongzhou Massacre” Series 6
Testimonial record of survivors (4)
2) My Escape from Tongzhou(Tungchow), the City of Death
By Ando Toshio, Domei News Agency / North China correspondent

This is the sixth of a series of articles pertaining to the Tongzhou Massacre, which has been submitted for inclusion in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.
Luckily, there were survivors of the furious Chinese Peace Preservation Corps attack. The testimonies of four survivors have been included in documents submitted to UNESCO.
The second one was written by Mr. Ando Toshio, Domei News Agency/ North China correspondent. He entered Tongzhou City on July 27, 1937. He interviewed Yin Rugeng, the leader of Jidong Government. He witnessed the uprising which began before the daybreak of 29th from his lodge, the Kinsuiro. He tried to hide in the attic but was discovered and dragged out to the grounds where the Chinese were executing the Japanese. But, with quick judgment, he untied himself from the ropes, escaped and miraculously survived. He has written about his experience in several magazines, one of which was an article titled “Escape from Death in Tongzhou,” published in the September 1937 issue of Evaluation Japan.

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