SDHF Newsletter No.51J ペリー来襲から真珠湾への道

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 これらの論は、唯一つ、ルーズベルト大統領が、12月8日の5か月も前に、日本本土爆撃作戦計画の実行にOKのサインを出したという、文書が公表されたことによって、完全に崩壊している。本質的にはアメリカこそが日米戦を望み、それを仕掛けてきたというのが歴史の真実である。昨年公刊されたフ―バー大統領の回顧録『Betrayed Freedom』に「日本との戦争の全てが、戦争に入りたいという狂人(ルーズベルト)の欲望であった」(833頁)と述べられていることによって、とどめが刺されたといってよいであろう。
                  「史実を世界に発信する会」事務局長 茂木弘道

The Road from Perry’s Arrival to Pearl Harbor: Why America started a War against Japan?

Japan-American war officially started on December 8 (Japan time), 1941, 71 years ago, by the Japanese naval attack on Pearl Harbor. However, deep historical review of this war leads to a conclusion that it was rather America which caused the war basically.
While there are a number of historically proximal events that culminated into the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, one should also consider distal events. Mr. Henry Stokes’s this article suggests that the journey to Pearl Harbor began with the arrival of Commodore Mathew Perry and his ships into Edo Bay on July 8, 1853. Based on the Japanese perspective of this intrusion, one could conclude that a conflict between Japan, as the soon-to-be first independent Asian nation to industrialize, and America, a white nation with an evangelical foreign policy, was perhaps inevitable.
The article suggests that the true purpose of Perry’s visit was to secure a permanent base for the US Navy. The article gives an overview of European rule over Asian colonies, clearly showing why native peoples saw the Japanese as liberators during the Great East Asian War. Again, perhaps it was inevitable, given the injustice perpetuated by Europeans in Asian countries, that a clash would occur between European colonialists and Japan.
While Japan suffered defeat, Asian countries rose up and declared independence from their European masters. Thus, Japan offered hope in the midst of tragedy. Here is his essay;

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