SDHF Newsletter No.76J ヘンリー・ストークス第5章

『英国人記者が見た 連合国戦勝史観の虚妄』(祥伝社)
第5章 蒋介石、毛沢東も否定した「南京大虐殺」
元ニューヨーク・タイムス東京支局長 ヘンリー・ストークス

平成26年8月25日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道

Falsehoods of the Allied Nations’ Victorious Views of History,
as Seen by a British Journalist
Chapter Five: “Nanking Massacre”: Denied by Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong
By Henry S. Stokes, former Tokyo Bureau Chief of The New York Times
We now present Chapter Five, the most controversial chapter.
Mr. Stokes writes in Chapter One, “In international society, one will be ignored if he or she said “Nanking massacre did not take place.” Nanking massacre is a historical fact and nobody wants to debate seriously with deniers of historical facts.”
Nevertheless, he dares to thoroughly “deny” the “Nanking Massacre” in this chapter. Against this shocking statement Koyodotsushin, Japan’s leading news agency spread a press release saying that Japanese translator mistranslated Mr. Stokes’s original comment. However, Mr. Stokes immediately rebuffed this by a statement released from the Japanese publisher on May 9, 2014 that the Japanese translation correctly expressed his comment.
Now the full English version of Chapter Five is available. Mr. Stokes updates the beginning of this chapter emphasizing that The so-called “Nanking Massacre” was a Propaganda Strategy launched in China in the context of an Intelligence War dating to 1937-8. You can examine for yourself the facts and logic-based analysis on which he based his assertion.

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