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『英国人記者が見た 連合国戦勝史観の虚妄』(祥伝社)
終章 日本人は日本を見なおそう

元ニューヨーク・タイムス東京支局長 ヘンリー・ストークス

日本語原文は『英国人記者が見た 連合国戦勝史観の虚妄』(祥伝社)をご覧ください。
平成26年10月16日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道

Falsehoods of the Allied Nations’ Victorious Views of History,
as Seen by a British Journalist
Final Chapter: People of Japan, be proud of your own history
By Henry S. Stokes, former Tokyo Bureau Chief of The New York Times
We now present the Final Chapter。
As indicated by the title of his book, “Falsehood of the Allied Nation’s Victorious Views of History as Seen by a British Journalist,” Mr. Stokes criticizes the commonly held historical view that, during WWII, Japan was the nation that prosecuted a vicious, criminal war. This has somehow become the authentic, global historical view, accepted even by the majority of the Japanese people. Mr. Stokes himself never doubted that Japan committed “war crimes”. However, after spending nearly half a decade in Japan as a journalist, he gradually realized that this historical view was wrong, the accepted historical view being merely an imposition of the victorious nations.
For example, America has forced the use of the term “Pacific War,” forbidding the more correct term “Greater East Asian War” from being used by the Japanese. But, in fact, Japan fought the war not only in the “Pacific theater” but also in the “greater East Asian theater,” against western colonial rulers who robbed fellow Asians, eventually liberating Asia. Without a “Greater East Asian War” context, the Japanese war cannot be correctly perceived and, consequently, the Japanese people’s pride cannot be restored.
He appeals to the Japanese people that they need to become spiritually independent by taking back their own historical views and their own objective view of true history.
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