SDHF Newsletter No.97J187人の歴史家声明への反論

拓殖大学客員教授 藤岡信勝







平成27年6月12日 「史実を世界に発信する会」事務局長 茂木弘道

A Counter Response and Proposal to the “Open Letter” written by 187 Historians
Fujioka Nobukatsu, Visiting Professor, Takushoku University

June 12, 2017

On May 5, the “Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan” was published and rapidly circulated around the world. This Letter was signed by 187 historians and researchers mainly in the field of Japan studies from the United States and western countries. The Open Letter made allegations concerning Japan’s military comfort women system before and during World War II.
The “Open Letter”, even though written by historians, is fundamentally based on misconceived historical reality.
Professor Fujioka pinpoints the false and baseless descriptions of the comfort system in the open letter in his essay below.
Also, he proposes that a series of rigorous academic conferences be held between Japanese and American scholars in order to have a dialogue on issues such as the nature of the Japanese Army’s comfort women system, international comparisons on how nations managed their soldiers’ sexual activity on the battlefield, and serious human rights problems plaguing the world today, such as human trafficking.

Prof. Fujioka’s Essay:
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