SDHF Newsletter No.98J 韓国の米軍慰安婦はなぜ生まれたのか

崔 吉城(広島大学名誉教授・東亜大学教授)
(1) まえがき


平成27年7月2日 「史実を世界に発信する会」茂木弘道拝

The Origins of the US Army’s Korean Comfort Women ( HEART PRESS) 
By Choi Kilsung,
Professor at Dong-a University, Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University
(1) Introduction
Recently I had a one hour interview with ZDF German Television at my office.
I was amazed, that at the outset of the interview, the correspondent raised a question concerning the comfort women issue, “What do you think about the Japanese Army’s war crimes of rape and violence?”
I told him that the comfort women system had been introduced in order to prevent possible “rape and sexual violence.” I explained to him that the comfort women made their business as prostitute, earning a lot of money, so there was no “rape” to speak of.
I have once again realized how far the misconception about the comfort women has spread overseas.
This book was written by a Korean professor, who experienced the Korean War when he was ten years old. He lived in a village about 40 kilometers north of Seoul when the Korean War erupted. He encountered the goings-on of the liberators-to-be US-led UN Army. They perpetrated dreadful acts of sexual violence against women in the village. The only solution open the residents to solve this problem was to accept prostitution in the village.
The author stresses that this is the story of the US Army’s comfort women, a story which neither Japan, Korea nor international society can ignore when discussing the comfort women problem. Based on his own experiences, the author discusses war, sex and prostitution from a wide range of viewpoints.
The contents of the book will be introduced chapter by chapter as a serial with this Newsletter. The first part is the Introduction and the Contents.

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